If you dream of a holiday that allows you to experience a high standard of service with the comfort of your own home, where you and all of family member can benefit from a truly holiday experience, Villa Anjani is the answer for you. It’s your home away from home…

Nestled on an exclusive compound of private villas, surrounded by the swaying coconut grooves in a quaint little village of Mendira, Villa Anjani, is a four bedrooms tropical beach retreat that personifies luxurious Balinese living.

From the moment you walk into this beachfront property you can feel all of your senses be indulged. The view that you see, the freshness of the air you breathe, the rural aroma that you smell. It’s the place where mum and dad can totally recharge from the daily hustle and bustle where there are endless of fun and activities to entertain the children. In Villa Anjani you will experience a truly Balinese experience, and without saying much more we’ll let you be the judge of it. Have a look at our photo gallery which is taken by the owner without any touch up or professional presentation enhancement and the floor plans provided will give the sense of space of what he villa has to offer.